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The IMPACT Operations Monitor, Pay-Period Productivity Reporting

Given the apparent elasticity in demand for primary care and ongoing reimbursement changes, the management of labor costs in acute care and critical access hospitals is more important than ever.

The IMPACT Operations Monitor goes far beyond the power and utility of the standard pay period Productivity Reporting System. This is the indispensable management resource that hospital management teams must have in today’s constantly changing environment. The Operations Monitor provides pay period productivity reporting, utilization and revenue trend projections, and ongoing access to labor benchmarks and staffing reviews from IMPACT’s world class benchmarking database, all in a single package. It provides:

  • Quick customized set up
  • Automatic upload capability
  • Department-level Pay Period Labor Productivity Comparisons
  • Actual vs. Budget vs. Benchmark
  • Current Period and Year to Date
  • Annualized Workload Labor Expense and Revenue Projections and Updates
  • Critical Threshold Alerts: System-generated “Action Needed” notifications to designated Executives and Managers

Here’s an example department report.

To learn more about how you can put IMPACT’s Operations Monitor to work in your hospital, send e-mail to with “Operations Monitor” on the subject line and your contact information in the body of your query.

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