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Healthcare Consulting Firms: IMPACT Opens the Door to Solutions!

This powerful 2-minute video outlines the reasons that other benchmarking efforts don't produce the desired cost management results and explains how IMPACT avoids those mistakes.

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If you'd like more detail, follow this link to "the presentation which follows" that Frank mentioned in the 2-minute video. This narrated PowerPoint presentation describes…

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  1. The IMPACT Database.
  2. IMPACT's unique and powerful peer group selection process.
  3. How IMPACT negates the "uniqueness arguments" that often stymie other benchmarking efforts.
  4. How IMPACT benchmarks can be used to establish, calibrate and update department staffing standards.
  5. Projected labor cost savings based upon current performance vs. the comparative range.
  6. Step-by-step what an IMPACT engagement looks like, including a target time line.

… and a wealth of invaluable benchmarking and performance improvement information not available elsewhere. Make sure your sound is turned on and be advised that this second video is nearly 17 minutes in length. We think you'll agree that it is worth the investment in time to watch.

How Often Should Staffing Benchmarks be Updated?

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Today’s hospital must be able to effectively plan, direct, organize and control resources. Most importantly, it must have the ability to react quickly when changes occur. If the hospital’s structure contains too many layers, or if there are span of control issues, it will not be able to do so.

Genuine and potentially very significant opportunities to increase net revenue and reduce expenses are available to hospitals that act to reorganize business lines, realign reporting relationships, and rethink corporate structures. Current and projected revenue and expense trends have created a perfect storm that makes taking action critically important. To learn more about how you can put IMPACT Organizational Solutions to work in your hospital, send us an e-mail or call (816) 587-2120. We will be glad to schedule a conference with your senior management team to help you determine if our services are a good fit for current priorities.

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