Profile OnLine Reports:

Example Productivity Benchmark Reports

Profile OnLine gives users the option of online "live" data input when reports are needed quickly for a few departments (QuickLook or COMPARE reports), uploading data for budgeting, or running "what if" scenarios for the entire hospital via a Microsoft Excel input template. You can then view your reports on line, print your reports or save them in Excel format, either online or on your local drive.

To see an example COMPARE report for a single department, try this link.

You can also download an example multiple department report in Microsoft Excel format. After you have downloaded the file, save it to your local drive for future access. Each multiple department report workbook file contains:

  • A "Summary" worksheet, summarizing the result of your session in a single table.

  • An "Input Data" worksheet showing the department-level data used to generate the reports so you can easily validate your input.

  • A "Formatted Reports" page of individual department reports arrayed down the page.

  • A "No Report Departments" page listing departments (if any) that Profile OnLine has been unable to run and identifying the reason.

Community hospitals reporting acute ADCs of between 5 and 300 will typically be able to benchmark 85% to 90% of their departments accounting for 90%+ of FTEs. Note that reports are available immediately, not months later.